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R.P.M [Apr. 24th, 2004|12:51 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Fear Factory - Cars]


Here's the low down...
I and Sprengmeisterin have just finalized the opening of our custom modification garage.
Based in Edinburgh, we will accept jobs ANYWHERE ON THIS FUCKING PLANET.
Our main garage has the standard mechanic utilities for your daily vehicular concerns, tended by some of Scotlands most reliable and best trained mechanics.
Our showroom has the facilities to order in the car of your choice in the colour of your choice with all those added extras you ALWAYS WANTED!
Our shop can offer you all the extras you require to enhance your driving experience, with a very full line of biking accessories.
Then there's the coup de grace.
The Workshop. This is where we live up to our name...
Here we can custom build you any vehicle to your own specifications. As long as you can afford it, ANYTHING is possible! And we mean ANYTHING! And we are not just talking about chimerical Nocker shit. What use is a car you can't show off to your Autumn friends? We're talking the real deal here fucko!
Now I know some of you are daunted by the fact that purchasing a custom built car made by the two greatest mechanics in the Isle of the Mighty. Where is a twelve year old gonna get THAT KINDA MONEY? Do you KNOW how many years pocket money that IS? Luckily for you we are willing to offer the good old fashioned system of barter to our "special" colleagues.
"Favour for a favour."
You want the best of the best?
You want cool professional style with no nonsense practical service?
You want a unique, one of a kind vehicle designed and built from scratch by a mechanic who loves what it is they are doing?
Then contact:

at ((dr_civi@yahoo.com))

"Ponum Deus Ex Machina"*

And tell all your friends!

((*OOC:Those with latin: "Putting the God In The Machine"))